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From producer to consumer

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From producer to consumer
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Quality starts in the soil

To ensure healthy fruit for our customers, we adhere to a strict specification for the treatments to be used from flower to harvest.

Global Gap certification allows fruit to be in line with all current regulations, because it guarantees that all products used, from water to fertilizers, respect nature and the final product.

For this reason, periodic analyses are carried out at all stages of processing, from the soil to the final product.

Processing stages: from field to shelf
  • Harvesting according to seasonality with HACCP protocol
  • Fruit storage in our warehouses dividing fruit by variety
  • Sorting the best fruit
  • Wrapping and packaging according to customer requirements
Types of packaging

To meet our customers’ needs, the boxes can be of different colours and with ad hoc wording according to the request.

Types of packaging:

  • 10 x 1 basket
  • 5/10 kg bulk box
  • 3/5 kg with alveolus
  • Bulk product in bins
  • Customized packaging and wrapping